BlackFort X Network

Introducing BlackFort Exchange Network Blockchain

Smart contract operability

Create and manage smart contracts with minimal difficulty. Launch your own tokens and projects on the BlackFort Network protocol and be a part of a new and innovative blockchain.


High transaction per second throughput and low block time create an almost immediate transaction execution environment allowing business to prosper and certainty in transaction confirmations.

Optimised fee mechanism

Depending on the type of transaction executed fees will be fixed and denominated in BXN meaning a network congestion will not create a sky rocketing price. Creating fair and transparent value to users.

Global scalability

Whether your project is for personal use, research or at a business level, BlackFort Network caters to all needs without compromise to features or need for multiple complicated updates.

Environmentally friendly

“…Mining process of Bitcoin is bad for the environment…”

Elon Musk

Although this is debatable, BlackFort Network is a staking network that requires no energy intensive processes or expensive and advanced hardware. 

Proof-of-Algorithm Staking

BlackFort’s own Staking method, new and first of its kind. Staking through validator nodes, delegate or DYI. Provides a truly decentralised and effortless staking method.

Tokenising to Blockchain

Bring liquidity and assets from other chains straight to the BlackFort network and receive incentives in BXN! Tokenise assets, create NFTs, transfer liquidity, this is all possible through a simple transfer of other assets to the BlackFort Network Vault at the equivalent value on the BXN chain.


Join and bring your assets to the BlackFort Network and receive an extra bonus for being a part of the network.

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