BlackFort X Network

Smart contract operability

BlackFort Network is an easy-to-use blockchain platform that simplifies the creation and management of smart contracts. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to launch their own tokens and projects on the blockchain without needing specialized knowledge. Additionally, the platform offers migration services for users who want to switch from other EVM blockchains to BXN, providing a seamless transition with all the new features and benefits. By using BXN, users can leverage innovative capabilities and be part of a community that is shaping the future of decentralized finance.

BXN NFT Node Network

BXN is a unique blockchain that introduces NFTs as a key element of its validation process. Users can acquire NFTs from the BlackFort knight collection, where each NFT represents a certain weight in the network’s validation process. By staking the NFT, users can participate in node and validator rewards in BXN. Additionally, opting out of delegation increases the rarity of the remaining NFT nodes, while any delegated NFTs can be transferred at any time to any address on the BXN blockchain network using a client-side wallet that supports BXN. The use of NFTs as keys in the validation process adds decentralization to the network and creates a unique approach to blockchain validation.

Optimised fee mechanism

Fee optimization is an essential aspect of blockchain technology, and BXN has implemented an efficient fee system that ensures network congestion will not lead to a surge in prices as we know it up until today. Fees for transactions are calculated dynamically and denominated in BXN, with different types of transactions attracting different fees. The validation system on the BXN blockchain is highly resource-efficient, ensuring fair and transparent value to users. Additionally, BXN provides an opportunity for anyone to become a delegator in the network, further promoting decentralization and fairness in the blockchain ecosystem. 

Global scalability

Scalability is a crucial factor in the success of any blockchain project, and BXN has prioritized scalability in its design. The blockchain platform is built to cater to the needs of individuals, researchers, and businesses without compromising on features or the need for complicated updates. The efficiency of validation, block height, and transaction speed are all factors that have been carefully considered in the development of BXN. The platform is designed to provide reliable and efficient services to users, regardless of the scale of their project or transaction volume. With its focus on scalability, BXN offers a high-performance blockchain platform that is suitable for a wide range of use cases.

Environmentally friendly

As a Proof-of-Staked-Authority driven blockchain, BXN offers the benefits of staking, including reduced energy consumption and the elimination of the need for expensive and advanced hardware. With a focus on stability, scalability, and energy savings, BXN provides a reliable and efficient platform for decentralization. Furthermore, BXN ensures the safety and security of blockchain attributes, such as immutability and transparency, through its use of advanced cryptographic algorithms and consensus mechanisms. The combination of staking benefits and robust security measures makes BXN a compelling option for those seeking a high-performance and secure blockchain platform.

Proof-of-Algorithm Staking

BlackFort Network has developed its own staking method called Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA), which is designed to provide a truly decentralized and effortless staking experience. PoSA is a consensus mechanism that allows users to stake their tokens and earn rewards by validating transactions on the network. The staking process is simple and can be done through validator nodes, delegation, or a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. By staking through PoSA, users can participate in the validation process and contribute to the overall security and efficiency of the network. The use of PoSA also eliminates the need for energy-intensive processes and expensive hardware, making staking accessible to all. Overall, PoSA is a reliable and efficient staking method that allows for greater decentralization and accessibility on the BXN blockchain platform.

Tokenising to Blockchain

BXN offers a unique feature that enables users to bring liquidity and assets from other blockchain networks to the BXN platform and receive incentives in BXN tokens. By tokenizing assets and creating NFTs, users can transfer liquidity and other assets to the BlackFort Network Vault at an equivalent value on the BXN chain. This feature provides a simple and efficient way to bring assets and liquidity to the BXN platform and take advantage of the benefits offered by the BXN blockchain network. Overall, BXN’s asset transfer feature enables users to easily move assets and liquidity between blockchain networks, further promoting decentralization and accessibility in the blockchain ecosystem.

Fast Transactions

The speed of a blockchain network is a critical factor for businesses and individuals looking to engage in transactions on a blockchain platform. BXN offers a high transaction per second throughput and low block time, creating an almost immediate transaction execution environment. This speed enables businesses to prosper and provides certainty in transaction confirmations, ensuring a reliable and efficient platform for users. By providing a fast and efficient blockchain network, BXN offers a high-performance platform that can meet the demands of businesses and individuals looking to engage in fast and secure transactions. Overall, the speed of the BXN platform is a critical aspect that contributes to its overall reliability and appeal to users.

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