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If you are running a business, getting paid and paying in cryptocurrencies should be a smooth and seamless process. We provide solutions for merchants by offering the opportunities, to make and receive cryptocurrency payments while also allowing the simple integration between the payment function and your business’ bank account. We also provide a mass payment function for when you need to pay employees, commissions, bonuses and suppliers.

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Work Efficiently With BlackFort payment ID

We’ve all experienced stuck transactions due to payments not being in the right amount, either too little or too much causing transaction refunds and long waiting times. Blackfort payment ID will let you retrieve the exact order and make sure that the right amount is send or received avoiding delayed transactions and price fluctuations while the transaction is stuck. This feature will let you smoothly make and receive payments correctly without worries and without having to input wallet addresses or the required amount to be sent. The order ID will contain all the information making it easier for you to continue doing what you do best!


Mass coin acceptance & Mass payout

If you have a large amount of coins that are coming in or need to go out, we have the solution. BlackFort Wallet and its integrated payment function will allow you accept multiple coins into different wallets. You can then choose to swap into a single currency, perform mass payouts, account sweeps or simply changing it back to fiat to your bank account. All while never leaving the app without compromising on the security of your account, assets and personal details.





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Mass payouts

Make payments quick and hassle free when you have important payments or payments that need to be sent quickly and want to avoid entering every single transaction one by one.

Back up

Easily back up your profile’s most important information onto your preferred secure storage method whether it be cloud or downloading a soft copy for safe storing.


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BlackFort Payment ID

BlackFort payment ID scan helps avoiding any manual type errors. You are now just a scan away from sending and receiving the right amount of crypto payments by simply scanning the payment ID and confirming the transaction. No more sending wrong amounts from your clients.


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