BlackFort Wallet Fee Schedule

Wallet Fees

  • Download and Wallet Use
  • Sending
    Blockchain Fees only
  • Receiving
    Blockchain Fees only
  • xrp wallet activation
    Network Fees only (20 xrp)
  • ERC20 Token Fee Sending
    Network Fees only (Ethereum required)
  • Smartcontract Interaction
    Network Fees only (Ethereum required for any action)

Exchange Services:

  • Crypto-Crypto Swaps
  • Buy Crypto with Creditcard
  • Buy Crypto with Bank (OTC available from 20.000 via order form)
  • Sell Crypto to Bank (OTC available from 20.000 via order form)
  • Exchange/Swap transfers
    *Network fees

    All transactions to be made use variable network fees, these depend on each individual blockchain and are not included in the Exchange or swap fees.

Custom Business Requests

  • ERC20 Fixing in list
    Starting at €2.500,-
  • Custom Token Listing
    Starting at €5.000,-


  • Payment Solution & Wallet merchant functions integration: Please contact here

Token Benefits

The main benefit of the BXF tokens is that we offer all our holders a progressive discount on our service fees depending on the amount of tokens held. The discount can be achieved regardless of how the tokens were acquired through either, commissions, sign ups, sales and CryptoReward. You can find the discount levels offered below. (To activate CryptoReward, please Mint BXF of at least the following volumes)

  • Mint BXF for:
    Self CryptoReward:
  • 0-1 ETH (Self Mint)
  • 1-2 ETH (Self Mint)
  • 2-4 ETH (Self Mint)
  • 4 ETH or more

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