BlackFort Referral Programme

Direct commission:

Every time you refer a new user that mints BXN NODES, you are going to get a direct commission of 10% of the currency that has been used in purchase by your referred person.

  • Direct commission for Token mint (Calc. in ETH)

Team Bonuses:

BlackFort wants to make building a team to be both fun and profitable for everyone. Depending on your own purchases, direct affiliates and their affiliates you start to earn team bonuses, that means the more you and your team bring awareness to partners and the market about BlackFort Wallet, the more you and your partners stand to earn. This is our way of saying thank you for the marketing our affiliates are carrying out for us. There multiple bonus levels as well as 2 Executive levels to our most loyal and effective partners. Team bonuses are structured and calculated based on referred volume, number of referrals and self mint.

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