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At BlackFort, we specialize in creating innovative blockchainbased products and services. Our offerings include clientside wallet applications, Layer 1 blockchain technology, efficient payment solutions, and secure smart contracts. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers.

BlackFort Exchange Network

BlackFort is an innovative blockchain platform that has all the attributes needed for a toptier blockchain. It is a Layer 1 blockchain that is EVM compatible, fast, scalable, secure, and efficient, with POSA and easy access to become a delegator. Transparency is a key priority for BlackFort, ensuring that all parties in a transaction have the information they need to feel secure. This combination of features makes BlackFort an ideal platform for anyone looking to build a blockchainbased solution.

BXN Smartchain

BlackFort Exchange Network is a smartchain technology. this form of Blockchain is a revolutionary way to manage digital assets more securely and efficiently. With a smartchain, users can quickly and easily transfer digital assets between multiple parties in a secure and transparent manner. The smartchain can also be used to facilitate smart contracts, allowing for the automation of complex transactions and smart contract interactions. This technology has the potential to open up new possibilities for the global economy.

Blackfort Cryto Exchange UI

BlackFort Explorer

A Cryptocurrency smartchain explorer is a tool that provides users with access to the blockchain data associated with a given cryptocurrency. It can be used to view the transactions and blocks associated with a particular altcoin, as well as the address balances, network hashrate, and block rewards. The information provided can be used to analyze the activity of a given Blockchain Network.

Audited Code

Auditing is an important step for any cryptocurrency project, as it ensures that the code is secure, efficient, and compliant with the latest industry standards. By enlisting the services of an experienced and reputable thirdparty auditor like Certik, a project can ensure that its code is thoroughly reviewed and tested, and that any potential issues are identified and addressed. Additionally, auditing provides an important layer of transparency and trust for a project, which can go a long way in helping to build and maintain a strong and engaged community.

Blackfort Exchange Certik Verified
PoSA & Decentralization UI

PoSA & Decentralization

Proofofstakedauthority is an efficient and secure way to validate a Cryptocurrency smartchain. BXN Blockchain has implemented this system, and is reaping the rewards, with over 60,000 delegators from over 120 countries, it ensures that the network is well-distributed. This allows for a much greater level of decentralization and security than other PoS or PoW methods, as well as increased scalability. BXN Blockchain is clearly at the forefront of the latest technologies, and is an excellent example of the benefits of using PoSA.

Token Economy

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Turnover Dedication

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  • Tokenizing & Blockchain Fees


  • Charity



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Stefan Huber
CEO & Co-Founder
Lucas Hubert
COO & Co-Founder
Mario Urschitz  
Franz Erlacher
Dietmar Grössing
Gernot Kujal
Christina Huber
Content Creation
Haris Mughal

Advisory Board

Nadim Souss
Aziz Falak
Eren Censur
Marketing & PR
Usman Qureshi
Strategic Advisor
App Store link for Blackfort App
Google Play Link for Blackfort App

Client side wallet

Safety and privacy is key, we will never have any access to your wallet and you control it in its entirety. Store your wallet offline and retain maximum safety while also having the security to restore your wallet by simply inputting your 12 or 24 wallet passphrases. No one apart from you has access to your funds. Keep your words safe at all times.

Coin, Token & NFTs

Discover the freedom of managing your cryptocurrency and NFTs with Blackfort Wallet. With our user-friendly interface and rock-solid security, you have complete control over your digital assets. Whether it’s coins, tokens, or NFTs, it’s all in your hands. Safeguard your wealth and embrace the future of finance with Blackfort.

Swap Function

Blackfort wallet is an excellent way to securely store and swap cryptocurrencies. With its simple and intuitive user interface, users can quickly and easily swap one cryptocurrency for another, giving them access to a wide variety of digital assets. We utilize third parties to ensure best possible Swaps.

Buy & Sell with FIAT

We believe that everyone should have access to cryptocurrencies and their associated use cases. In order to make it as safe, fast and direct, we implemented the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with SEPA as well as with Credit- and Debitcards using our industry leading third party licensed partners.

BXN Token as Utility

BXN serves as a versatile utility within the BlackFort Wallet ecosystem, offering a range of enticing benefits to its holders. BXN holders enjoy exclusive perks, including discounts on swaps and exchanges, whitelisting opportunities, receiving airdrops, fee rebates, cashbacks, etc. This utility token not only enhances the user experience within the BlackFort Wallet but also adds significant value by providing numerous advantages. BXN truly empowers users, making their crypto journey with BlackFort Wallet an enriching and seamless experience.

App Store link for Blackfort App
Google Play Link for Blackfort App

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